Judi Justice  is a Philly based pinup who has a long time affinity to the Kustom Kulture. Having a mother that very much fit the June Cleaver persona, Judi watched her mother put on her loveliest dresses and heels to host guests in her home. Since as far back as she could remember, she was taught that this was an example of a “proper lady”. Judi has always dressed in Pinup or Rockabilly fashion, you’d be hard pressed to find her in anything else! 


Judi came into modeling and formal pinuping in 2016, and since then has been published internationally and has competed and placed in several pinup pageants. She had always dreamed of having a Pennsylvania based pinup group, eventually inspiring her to found The PA Liberty Belles - Pinup Club. She is not only a pinup, but a married mother of two, and retired roller girl. She owned and operated a cupcakery for 3 years and has been an event planner for over 10 years. Talk about busy! 


She is excited to bring an all inclusive, multi-level experience pinup group that will be volunteer and community service driven. When asked what makes The PA Liberty Belles special, Judi responded, “The Belles will help ladies at all levels find their inner pinup as well as support our local like-minded businesses and VFW’s.” She is an Advocate for Pinups Against Bullying and a member of Philadelphia Area Pinups. You’ll be seeing Judi Justice along with the other gals of  The PA Liberty Belles at car shows and charity events in the tristate area!


    Little Lucy Mae  hails from the Philadelphia area. Standing at only 5-foot tall she makes sure that nothing she wants is out of "reach". She loved the pinup culture well before her first shoot in 2015 but after that she truly adopted it into most aspects of her life. She has had her photos published in many national and international pinup culture magazines, calendars, held a centerfold spot, and landed a few covers.


Lucy Mae is ecstatic to be the Vice President of the PA Liberty Belles along side her fellow "Belles", Melanie and Judi. She is ready to spread love, support, and compassion to all women looking to join the Pinup community in a strong powerful way and volunteer for some really great causes. Like her Pinup sisters, she supports Pinups Against Bullying as well as Pinups For Pitbulls. Lucy Mae believes that any woman who has ever second guessed themselves deserves to get dolled up and feel beautiful.


CiCi Von Ginger is a Lancaster transplant who was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. She has always felt like she had an “old soul” which led her to her first shoot in 2016. Her name came from two of her favorite things her mentor and hero her Aunt Carol and her love for vintage cars especially Camaros.


CiCi’s motto and lifestyle has always been about paying it forward which is what drew her attention to this amazing group. Being able to be dolled up while doing great things for others is a perfect world for her. She is over the moon excited to be the Belle’s secretary.


  Miss Kitchie Ohh is a Philly area native who has always had a fondness for all things vintage.  Her love of pinup stems from memories of her Grandmother who is and always will be her favorite. Kitchie had her first pinup shoot in 2013 and fell in love with getting all dolled up and posing for the camera in retro style and beyond. Her photos have been featured in several domestic and international magazines with more to come in the upcoming months. She is loving the connections made so far with her fellow Belles and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the group. She has made a career out of helping charities raise awareness and funds for their causes and can’t wait to put her skills to use for the group and the community they represent.